A nice way of discovering my music... my SoundCloud page !


For further listening, and to purchase tracks or albums, you'll find me on Bandcamp.


I have a few videos online (clips, performances...), on my Vimeo channel, and I halso have a YouTube channel where you will find my more recent creations.


And for various other bits of information, of course, there's Twitter !


It is also possible to visit my former blogIt started out as my first website, then turned into a standard blog, but it became simpler (and more practical) for me to use the blog on my current website (click here to visit).

Nevertheless, my first blog is an interesting testimony of my past, with plenty of in-depth articles, so it has every reason of remaining online.


Finally, here's a link to my label : Ylsthia.



Other Links

The Imaginales

(website in French)

A festival I have already said plenty about. But for those of you who don’t know about it yet, it is quite simply a reference in the realm of fantasy and science fiction. It is mainly devoted to literature, but also open to various other mediums, as proved by the fact that my label Ylsthia has had a stand there, on more than one occasion.

Brainvoyager is a Dutch musician whose compositions I encourage you to discover. He is also the host of Electronic Fusion, an excellent program dedicated to electronic music (mostly atmospheric), which I also encourage you to check out. Not only does it offer a consistently excellent selection of tracks, some of my music has also been played on the show.

Automne Musical de Taverny

(website in French)

Created in 1983, this (mainly classical) music festival is organized by the association “Les Heures Musicales de Taverny”. Spread throughout the second half of September end the first half of October, it mainly takes place in Taverny’s Notre Dame church.