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Articles (Eng.) · 29. décembre 2019
I have always enjoyed music and, from my teen years onward, I’ve regularly written lyrics and vocally recorded snippets for musical ideas. But 1989 was the year when I finally decided to take up a musical instrument.
Articles (Eng.) · 10. août 2018
Regarding the artwork, I considered various methods. For the background of the booklet’s outer pages, and the ocean/sky panorama of the inner pages, I knew I wanted to use colored inks. When they are still wet, they have a way of merging with one another that is perfect for the type of effect I had in mind. All the other illustrations and elements, on the other hand, were done using colored pencils (contours drawn with pencil, then replaced with Indian ink). I could have stuck with colored...

Articles (Eng.) · 10. août 2018
With visuals and titles referring to the theme of travel on “Navigation”, and a handful of tracks sharing a common thread on “Passage”, some of you may have been wondering if I wasn’t harboring the project of a fully-fledged concept album. It was indeed something I had been thinking about for quite some time. But as you can imagine, such an endeavor requires plenty more preparation than that of a “regular” album. And up until the release of “Passage”, I never felt I had enough...