Latest news, and… welcome to my new blog !

Dear All,


The world of Internet is ever changing, and we sometimes realize that some of the blog or website hosts out there no longer provide the flexibility that is needed to present one's work in the best possible way.

Such is sadly the case regarding my former blog (click here). It will most definitely remain online, but I will no longer be adding any articles. It was great to start out with. Very simple to use, which was just what I needed at first. But I quickly realized how limited it was. And in recent months, the ease of use has actually decreased, which I find to be quite incomprehensible.


But then, I realized… that my current official website also allows me to host a blog. Say no more, my decision was made.

As far as content goes, fear not, it will remain in the exact same spirit as the first one. I have already wished you all a Happy New Year on this very website (in the “news” section), but still, I have grown accustomed to posting an update at the beginning of each year, so… here it is !


First off, my fourth album…

As is most often the case, I have started with a few little bits of information on Twitter. I mentioned the elaboration of various new tracks, and I’m happy to confirm that many of them are currently taking shape. I won’t yet go so far as to say that I have all I need for a full album, but I do believe that what I am currently working on represents at least half of it, if not three quarters.


Another thing I have been mentioning during the past few months, is the video editing I have been doing. Back in September 2017, while I was spending some time in Burgundy, I launched into a thorough series of rehearsals. Of which I actually filmed and recorded quite a bit. However, not content with just presenting the raw footage, I have been experimenting with various visual effects in order to make the end result a little more interesting to watch.

Naturally, the recording of my new album has been taking up most of my time, but I have finally managed to finish the first video in this new series. Others are currently being edited, and I will let you know as soon as each one is available online.


Many thanks for your interest and support.


Best regards



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